Think you might be pregnant???

What are my options?

An unplanned pregnancy can alter the path of your life.  Before you decide, get all the facts.  You have the right, by law, to be fully informed before making a decision.  We provide that information at no charge. 



Choosing to continue your pregnancy and to parent is very challenging.  But with the support of caring people, parenting classes, and other resources, many women find the help they need to make this choice.


You may decide to place your child for adoption.  Each year over 50,000 women in America make this choice.  This loving decision is often made by women who first thought abortion was their only way out.  Choosing adoption is giving your child not only life, but a family.

What about abortion?

Options Resource Center for Pregnancy and Sexual Health Education and Counseling, Inc. is not a medical facility.  We do not perform abortions or refer for abortions.  Abortion is NOT a decision to be made under pressure.  We urge you to make a well informed decision.  ORC can get you the facts.  Education materials are available about pregnancy, parenting, adoption and abortion.  You are making a decision regarding your future.  Be informed!

Had an abortion?  We'll help you recover.